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Amiibo2 Colors Grey
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AC_acards AC_acards1b AC_acards2 AC_acards2b AC_acards3 AC_acards3b AC_acards4 AC_acards4b AC_acards5 AC_acards5b AC_blathers AC_Capn AC_celeste AC_Cyrus AC_Digby AC_Isabelle AC_IsabelleSummer AC_kicks AC_KKSlider AC_Lottie AC_Mabel AC_Reese AC_resetti AC_Rover AC_Timmy_and_Tommy AC_TomNook Alm Bayonetta Bayonetta_2 Bokoblin
Boo Bowser Bowser Bowser dark hammer slam Bowser hammer slam Bowserjr Captainfalcon Celica Charizard Chibi-Robo Cloud Cloud_2 Corrin Corrin_female Daisy Darkpit Diddy Diddykong Dk Donkey kong dark turbo charge Donkey kong turbo charge Donkeykong Duck_hunt Falco Fox Ganondorf Greninja Guardian light
Ike Inkling Squid Inkling squid2 Inkling squid3 Inklingboy Inklingboy2 Inklingboy3 Inklingirl Inklingirl2 Inklingirl3 Inkling_Callie Inkling_marie Jigglypuff Kingdedede Kingdedede2 Kirby Kirby2 Link Link archer light Link rider light link Toonlink link Toonlink2 Link wolf Link2 Link3 Link4 Link5 Link6 Littlemac Lucario
Lucas Lucina Luigi Luigimp Mario Mario 30 classic Mario 30 modern Mario Silver marioDr Mariogold Mariomp Mario_sports_superstars Mario_sports_superstarsb Marth Megaman Megaman gold Metaknight Metaknight2 Mewtwo Mewtwo card Mii_brawler Mii_gunner Mii_swordfighter Monsterhunter Barioth and Ayulia Monsterhunter Jabiru Monsterhunter Qurupeco and Dan Monsterhunter Rathalos Monsterhunter Rathalos female Monsterhunter Rathian and Cheval Mr_game_and_watch
Mr_game_and_watch10 Mr_game_and_watch11 Mr_game_and_watch9 Ness Pacman Palutena Peach Peachmp Pikachu Pikmin Pikminandolimar Pit Poochy Qbby Rob Rob2 Robin Rosalina Rosalina2 Roy Ryu Samus Sheik Shovel knight Shulk Sonic Toad Villager Waddledee Waluigi
Wario Wario2 Wiifittrainer Yoshi Yoshimp Yoshiyarnblue Yoshiyarngreen Yoshiyarngreenmega Yoshiyarnpink Zelda Zeldatoon Zelda_breath Zerosuitsamus



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