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Kingdom Hearts III

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Kingdom Hearts III

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Main SquareEnix Characters

AAABlack_coat_khii _SUBTITLE_Main SquareEnix Characters_START_ Aeleus_khiii Ansem_seeker Ansem_the_wise_ Aqua_khiii Dark_riku_khiii Demyx_khiii Dilan_khiii Hayner_ _kh3 Ienzo_khiii Kairi_khiii_des Kairi_khiii_ren Larxene_khiii Lea_khiii Marluxia_khiii Master_eraqus_k Master_xehanort Naminé_khiii Olette_ _kh3 Pence_ _kh3 Real_organizati Riku Roxas_khiii Saïx_khiii Sora_KHIII Sora_khiii_stil Terra xehanort_ Terra_khiii Vanitas_(masked Vanitas_(unmask Ventus_khiii
Vexen_khiii w Young xehanort Xemnas_khiii Xigbar_khiii Xion_khiii

Main Disney / Pixar Characters

XX_AAChip_khiii _SUBTITLE_Main Disney / Pixar Characters_START_ XX_Dale_khiii XX_Donald_Duck_KHIII XX_Donald_khiii XX_Goofy_KHIII XX_Goofy_khiii_02 XX_Goofy_khiii_ren XX_Jiminy_khiii XX_little_chef_khi XX_Maleficent_khii XX_merlin_khiii XX_Mickey XX_Pete XX_scrooge_mcduck_ XX_Yen_sid_khiii

Big Hero 6

ZzBH_fred_ _kh3 _SUBTITLE_Big Hero 6_START_ ZzBH_go_go_ _kh3 ZzBH_hiro_ _kh3 ZzBH_honey_lemon_ _k ZzBH_kh3_ _baymax_re ZzBH_kh3_ _dark_baymax_khi ZzBH_sora_ ZzBH_wasabi_ _kh3


ZzFR_anna_khiii_rend _SUBTITLE_Frozen_START_ ZzFR_elsa_khiii_rend
ZzFR_Kristoff_khiii ZzFR_Marshmallow_khi ZzFR_olaf_khiii_rend


ZzHE_hades_ _kh3 _SUBTITLE_Hercules_START_ ZzHE_hercules_ _kh3 ZzHE_megara_ _kh3 ZzHE_pegasus_ _kh3 ZzHE_phil_khiii ZzHE_Sora ZzHE_zeus_khiii

Monsters, Inc.

ZzMI_DonaldMI _SUBTITLE_Monsters, Inc._START_ ZzMI_GoofyMI ZzMI_Mike ZzMI_SoraMI ZzMI_Sulley

Pirates of the Caribbean

ZzPC_captain_barboss _SUBTITLE_Pirates of the Caribbean_START_ ZzPC_donald_khiii_po ZzPC_elizabeth_swann ZzPC_goofy_khiii_pot ZzPC_jack_sparrow_kh ZzPC_sora_khiii_potc ZzPC_will_turner_khi


ZzRA_flynn_rider_ _k __SUBTITLE_Tangled_START_ ZzRA_maximus_ _kh3 ZzRA_mother_gothel_ ZzRA_pascal_ _kh3 ZzRA_rapunzel_

Toy Story

ZzTS_buzz_lightyear_  _SUBTITLE_Toy Story_START_ ZzTS_DonaldTS ZzTS_GoofyTS
ZzTS_SoraTS ZzTS_woody_khiii

Winnie the Pooh

ZzWP_gopher_ _kh3 _SUBTITLE_Winnie the Pooh_START_ ZzWP_lumpy_ _kh3 ZzWP_piglet_ _kh3 ZzWP_rabbit_ _kh3 ZzWP_roo_ _kh3 ZzWP_tigger_ _kh3 ZzWP_winnie_the_pooh


Kingdom Hearts III

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