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Amaki_1_0_01 Gaku_normal_pose Hirama_1_0_01 Jyu1 Jyu_1_0_01 Jyu_1_0_02 Jyu_1_0_03 Jyu_1_0_04 Jyu_1_0_05 Jyu_1_0_06 Jyu_1_0_07 Jyu_1_0_08 Jyu_1_0_09 Jyu_1_0_11 Jyu_1_0_14 Jyu_1_0_16 Jyu_2_0_12 Jyu_2_0_15 Kodo1 kodo2 Kodo_1_0_01 Kodo_1_0_03 Kodo_1_0_04 Kodo_1_0_05 Kodo_1_0_06 Kodo_1_0_07 Kodo_1_0_08 Kodo_1_0_10 Kodo_1_0_11 Kodo_1_0_12 Kodo_1_0_13
Kodo_1_0_14 Kodo_1_0_15 Kodo_1_0_16 Kodo_1_0_17 Kodo_1_0_18 Kodo_1_0_19 Kodo_1_0_20 Kodo_1_0_21 Kodo_1_0_22 Kodo_1_0_23 Kou1 kounosuke Kounosukeangry Kounosukedoubt Kounosukeembarrass Kounosukeexcuse Kounosukejoyful Kounosukenormal Kounosukesad Kounosukesurprise Kouno_1_0_11 kouya1 kouya2 Kouya_angry Kouya_crying_new Kouya_crying_old Kouya_doubt Kouya_grinning Kouya_normal Kouya_serious
Kouya_sigh Kouya_smile Kouya_surprised Koya_1_0_06 Koya_1_0_12 Kyoji Kyoji2 kyoji3 Mitsuhisanormal Nekonishi_1_0_01 Nikainormal Sigure_1_0_01 sin sin Sin_1_0_01 Sin_1_0_07 Sin_1_0_08 Sin_1_0_09 Sin_1_0_10 Sin_1_0_12 Sin_2_0_05 Sin_2_0_06 Sin_2_0_11 Sin_2_0_13 Sin_calm Sin_facepalm Soutarou1_face soutarou2 Soutarou_excitement_blush Soutarou_nervous
Soutarou_normal Soutarou_shy Tappeinormal tappeinormal2 tatsuki Tatsukiembarrassed Tatsukiembarrassed2 Tatsuki_angry Tatsuki_doubt Tatsuki_doubt_2 Tatsuki_normal Tatsuki_surprised Tatsuki_worried Tatsuki_worried_2 Tatu_1_3_02 Tatu_1_3_03 Tatu_1_3_06 Tatu_1_3_08 Tatu_1_3_10 Ten_1_0_01 Tora1 torahiko Torahiko_1_0_13 Torahiko_embarrased Torahiko_grin Torahiko_ko Torahiko_normal Torahiko_serious Torahiko_surprised Torahiko_worried_1
Torahiko_worries_2 Torii_1_0_01 Yukiharunormal



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