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Pokkén Tournament DX

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Pokkén Tournament DX

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Light Trailers WiiU_Pokemon_Tekken_Artwork_mainvisual_1106_RGB_300dpi
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Aegislash _SUBTITLE_Fighters_START_ Blastoise Blaziken Braixen_RGB_72dpi Chandelure Charizard_RGB_72dpi Croagunk DARKMEWTWO_1_RGB_72dpi DARKMEWTWO_2_RGB_72dpi DARKMEWTWO_MEGA_X_RGB_72dpi Darkrai Decidueye Empoleon Garchomp_RGB_72dpi Gardevoir_RGB_72dpi Gengar_RGB_72dpi Lucario_RGB_72dpi Machamp_RGB_72dpi Mewtwo_RGB_72dpi Pikachu_Libre_1_RGB_72dpi Pikachu_RGB_72dpi Sceptile_RGB_72dpi Scizor Suicune_RGB_72dpi Weavile

Assist Characters

X celebi _SUBTITLE_ Assist Characters_START_ X Cresselia
X Croagunk_RGB_72dpi X Cubone X Diglett X Dragonite_RGB_72dpi X Eevee_RGB_72dpi X Electrode_RGB_72dpi X Emolga_RGB_72dpi X Espeon X Farfetch'd_RGB_72dpi X Fennekin_RGB_72dpi X Frogadier_RGB_72dpi X Jirachi_RGB_72dpi X Lapras_RGB_72dpi X Latios X Litten X Magikarp X Magneton X mega_rayquaza X mew X mimikyu X Mismagius_RGB_72dpi X Ninetales_RGB_72dpi X Pachirisu_RGB_72dpi X Popplio X Quagsire X Reshiram X Rotom_RGB_72dpi X Snivy_RGB_72dpi X Sylveon_RGB_72dpi X Togekiss_RGB_72dpi
X Umbreon X Victini_RGB_72dpi X Whimsicott_RGB_72dpi X Yveltal


Pokkén Tournament DX

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