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Banjokazooie _SUBTITLE_Characters_START_ Bomberman Captain_toad Crash Dixiekong Drifter Geno Hat kid Inkling Inklinggirl Isaac Kingkrool Klonoa Krystal Kumatora Lilac Masked man Otus Rayman Ridley Sceptile Shantae Shovelknight Tetrisblue Tetriscyan Tetrisgreen Tetrisorange Tetrispurpe Tetrisred Tetrisyellow Travis
Vaati Waddle dee


X_Cackletta _SUBTITLE_Trophies_START_ X_EVE X_flowey X_gengar X_mecha drago X_mettaton X_osohe ghost X_phase distorter X_pumpkin banjo X_salsa X_sans X_tetrominoes X_Wart



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