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3d land 75 m Arena ferox Balloon fight Battlefield Big battlefield Big blue Boxing ring Bridge of eldin Brinstar Brinstar depths Castle siege Coliseum Corneria Delfino plaza Distant planet Dr wily castle Draculas castle Dream land Duck hunt Final destination Find mii Flat zone x Fountain of dreams Fourside Frigate orpheon Game boy Gamer Garden of hope Garreg mach monastery Gaur plain Gerudo valley Golden plains Great bay Great cave offensive Great plateau tower Green greens Green hill zone Halberd Hanenbow Hyrule castle Jungle japes Kalos pokemon league King of fighters stadium Kongo jungle 64 Kongo jungle melee Living room Luigis mansion Lylat cruise Magicant Mario bros Mario circuit brawl Mario circuit wiiu Mario galaxy Mementos Midgar Minecraft_world Moray towers Mushroom kingdom 2 Mushroom kingdom 64 Mushroom kingdom u Mushroomy kingdom Mute city New donk city New pork city Norfair Northern_cave Onett Pac land Palutena temple Paper mario Peachs castle Pictochat 2 Pilot wings Pirate ship Pokemon stadium Pokemon stadium 2 Port town aero dive Princess peachs castle Prism tower Rainbow cruise Reset bomb forest Saffron city Shadow moses island Skyloft Skyworld Smashville Spear pillar Spiral mountain Spirit train Sprint_stadium Summit Super mario maker Suzaku castle Temple Tomodachi collection Tortimer island Town and city Umbra clock tower Unova pokemon league Venom Warioware Wii fit studio Windy hill Wrecking crew Wuhu island Yggdrasils Altar Yoshis island 64 Yoshis island brawl Yoshis island melee Yoshis story



Alex _SUBTITLE_Characters_START_ Alph Banjo and kazooie Bayonetta Bayonetta 2 Bowser Bowser_jr Bowser_jr alt1_ Bowser_jr alt2_ Bowser_jr alt3_ Bowser_jr alt4_ Bowser_jr alt5_ Bowser_jr alt6_ Bowser_jr alt7_ Byleth Byleth 2 Captain_falcon Charizard Chrom Cloud Cloud 2 Corrin Corrin 2 Daisy Dark_pit Dark_samus Diddy_kong Donkey_kong Dr_mario Duck_hunt Enderman Falco Fox Ganondorf Greninja Hero_00 Hero_01 Hero_02 Hero_03 Ice_climbers Ike Ike 2 Incineroar Inkling Inkling 2 Isabelle Ivysaur Jigglypuff Joker Joker 2 Joker arsene Ken King_dedede King_k_rool Kirby Link Link 2 Little_mac Lucario Lucas Lucina Luigi Mario Mario 2 Mario 3 Marth Mega_man Metaknight Mewtwo Mii_brawler Mii_gunner Mii_swordfighter Min_min Mr_game_and_watch Ness Olimar and Pikmin Pac man Palutena Peach Pichu Pikachu Pikachu 2 Piranha_plant Pit Pokemon_trainer Pokemon_trainer 2 Richter Ridley Ridley 2 Rob Rob2_famicom Robin Robin 2 Rosalina Roy Ryu Samus Sephiroth Sephiroth_2 Sheik Shulk Shulk 2 Simon Snake Sonic Squirtle_SSBU Steve Terry_bogard Toon_link Villager Wario Wario_01 Wii fit trainer Wii_fit_trainer 2 Wolf Yoshi Yoshi 2 Young_link Zelda Zero_suit_samus Zombie

Assist Trophies

ZzAssist_akira _SUBTITLE_Assist Trophies_START_ ZzAssist_alucard ZzAssist_andross ZzAssist_arcade bunny ZzAssist_ashley ZzAssist_black knight ZzAssist_bomberman ZzAssist_burrowing snagret ZzAssist_chain chomp ZzAssist_chef kawasaki ZzAssist_color tv game 15 ZzAssist_devil ZzAssist_dillon ZzAssist_dr kawashima ZzAssist_dr wright ZzAssist_flies and hand ZzAssist_ghirahim ZzAssist_ghost ZzAssist_gray fox ZzAssist_guile ZzAssist_hammer bro ZzAssist_isaac ZzAssist_jeff ZzAssist_kappn ZzAssist_klaptrap ZzAssist_knuckle joe ZzAssist_knuckles ZzAssist_krystal ZzAssist_lyn ZzAssist_metroid ZzAssist_midna ZzAssist_moon ZzAssist_mother brain ZzAssist_nightmare wizard ZzAssist_nikki ZzAssist_nintendogs ZzAssist_phosphora ZzAssist_riki ZzAssist_rodin ZzAssist_sable prince ZzAssist_samurai goroh ZzAssist_shadow ZzAssist_sheriff ZzAssist_shovel knight ZzAssist_skull kid ZzAssist_spring man ZzAssist_squid sisters ZzAssist_starfy ZzAssist_starman mother ZzAssist_sukapon ZzAssist_takamaru ZzAssist_thwomp ZzAssist_tiki ZzAssist_vince ZzAssist_waluigi ZzAssist_willy capsule ZzAssist_yuri kozukata ZzAssist_zero


ZzBoss_AAGaleem _SUBTITLE_Bosses_START_ ZzBoss_crazy hand offi ZzBoss_dharkon_ssbu ZzBoss_galleom_ssbu ZzBoss_giga_bowser_ssb ZzBoss_marx ssbu ZzBoss_marx_true_form_ ZzBoss_master_hand_ssb zzBoss_rathalos


ZzItems_assist trophy _SUBTITLE_Items_START_ ZzItems_black hole ZzItems_bomber ZzItems_deaths scythe ZzItems_fake smash ball ZzItems_killer edge ZzItems_launch star ZzItems_masterball ZzItems_pokeball ZzItems_rage blaster ZzItems_ramblin evil mushroom ZzItems_staff ZzItem_healing field ZzItem_item01 ZzItem_item02 ZzItem_item03 ZzItem_item04 ZzItem_item05 ZzItem_item06 ZzItem_item07 ZzItem_item08 ZzItem_item09 ZzItem_item10 ZzItem_item11 ZzItem_item13 ZzItem_item14 ZzItem_item15 ZzItem_item16 ZzItem_item17 ZzItem_item18 ZzItem_item19 ZzItem_item20 ZzItem_item22 ZzItem_item24 ZzItem_item25 ZzItem_item26 ZzItem_item27 ZzItem_item28 ZzItem_item29 ZzItem_item30 ZzItem_item31 ZzItem_item32 ZzItem_item_l_05

Poké Ball

ZzPokeball_abra _SUBTITLE_Poké Ball_START_ ZzPokeball_alola vulpix ZzPokeball_alolan exeggutor ZzPokeball_alolan raichu ZzPokeball_bewear ZzPokeball_ditto ZzPokeball_lunala ZzPokeball_marshadow ZzPokeball_mimikyu ZzPokeball_pyukumuku ZzPokeball_scizor ZzPokeball_solgaleo ZzPokeball_tapu koko ZzPokeball_togedemaru ZzPokeball_vulpix


ZzzStock_bayonetta  _SUBTITLE_Stocks_START_ ZzzStock_bbanjo and kazooie ZzzStock_bowser ZzzStock_bowser_jr ZzzStock_byleth ZzzStock_captain_falcon ZzzStock_chrom ZzzStock_cloud ZzzStock_corrin ZzzStock_daisy ZzzStock_dark_pit ZzzStock_dark_samus ZzzStock_diddy_kong ZzzStock_donkey_kong ZzzStock_dr_mario ZzzStock_duck_hunt ZzzStock_falco ZzzStock_fox ZzzStock_ganondorf ZzzStock_greninja ZzzStock_hero ZzzStock_ice_climbers ZzzStock_ike ZzzStock_incineroar ZzzStock_inkling ZzzStock_isabelle ZzzStock_jigglypuff ZzzStock_joker ZzzStock_ken ZzzStock_king_dedede ZzzStock_king_k_rool ZzzStock_kirby ZzzStock_link ZzzStock_little_mac ZzzStock_lucario ZzzStock_lucas ZzzStock_lucina ZzzStock_luigi ZzzStock_mario ZzzStock_marth ZzzStock_mega_man ZzzStock_meta_knight ZzzStock_mewtwo ZzzStock_mii_fighter ZzzStock_min_min ZzzStock_mr_game_and_watch ZzzStock_ness ZzzStock_olimar ZzzStock_pac man ZzzStock_palutena ZzzStock_peach ZzzStock_pichu ZzzStock_pikachu ZzzStock_piranha_plant ZzzStock_pit ZzzStock_pokemon_trainer ZzzStock_richter ZzzStock_ridley ZzzStock_rob ZzzStock_robin ZzzStock_rosalina ZzzStock_roy ZzzStock_ryu ZzzStock_samus ZzzStock_sephiroth ZzzStock_sheik ZzzStock_shulk ZzzStock_simon ZzzStock_snake ZzzStock_sonic ZzzStock_steve ZzzStock_terry_bogard ZzzStock_toon_link ZzzStock_villager ZzzStock_wario ZzzStock_wii_fit_trainer ZzzStock_wolf ZzzStock_yoshi ZzzStock_young_link ZzzStock_zelda ZzzStock_zero_suit_samus

Series Icon

ZzzzSeries_animal crossing  _SUBTITLE_Series Icon_START_ ZzzzSeries_arms ZzzzSeries_bayonetta ZzzzSeries_bbanjo kazooie ZzzzSeries_castlevania ZzzzSeries_donkey kong ZzzzSeries_dragon quest ZzzzSeries_duck hunt ZzzzSeries_earthbound ZzzzSeries_f zero ZzzzSeries_fatal fury ZzzzSeries_final fantasy ZzzzSeries_fire emblem ZzzzSeries_game and watch ZzzzSeries_ice climber ZzzzSeries_kid icarus ZzzzSeries_kirby ZzzzSeries_mega man ZzzzSeries_metal gear solid ZzzzSeries_metroid ZzzzSeries_minecraft ZzzzSeries_pac man ZzzzSeries_persona ZzzzSeries_pikmin ZzzzSeries_pokemon ZzzzSeries_punch out ZzzzSeries_rob ZzzzSeries_sonic ZzzzSeries_splatoon ZzzzSeries_star fox ZzzzSeries_street fighter ZzzzSeries_super mario bros ZzzzSeries_super smash bros ZzzzSeries_the legend of zelda ZzzzSeries_wario ZzzzSeries_wii fit ZzzzSeries_xenoblade ZzzzSeries_yoshi


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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